Marysville School Bus, Inc. has been transporting Marysville Public Schools students since 1948, sixty five consecutive years, under the direction of the Hurley family. Jack Hurley, Sr. purchased the business in 1948 upon returning from his service in the United States Navy during World War II. His son John Hurley, II continues today as Transportation Director for Marysville Public Schools and President and Owner of Marysville School Bus, Inc. In 1960 the property at 1421 Michigan where Marysville School Bus, Inc is located today was purchased and in 1972, three bus bays were added.

As their record shows, safety has always been the number one priority. Earning many 100% State Police Inspections, which is done on every public school bus annually. For decades Marysville was the only school district in St. Clair County that had privatized busing. Now the economy has forced many districts to adapt to this practice, that Marysville knew for years beforehand was a more fiscally sound practice. However no district in this area can boast of the years of experience Marysville School Bus, Inc. brings to the community, families, schools and students.

The region that makes up Marysville Public School district represented seven separate school districts at one time. When the State of Michigan required a consolidation of these districts Marysville School Bus, Inc. began servicing a much larger area.

At one time just 3 buses were needed, now we operate 16 buses daily, doing 44 routes each day traveling 154,000 miles a year with a student boarding a bus over 250,000 times each school year.

We realize that each students day begins and ends with their school bus experience and hold the impact of that responsibility in very high regard to the families we serve. Classrooms, teachers, academics all change each year, many students will see the same bus driver every morning and afternoon for most of their school career, the students and families are very dear and important to them as a relationship is developed over the years.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to serve Marysville Public Schools and their families.